Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of the Year Scavenger Hunt FREEBIE

The end of the year can be difficult, both for the teacher and the students! Here is a fun way to activate their brains, recall things they've learned, and get them moving around the room! Click on the picture to download this FREEBIE!

Created for 2nd grade, but great for all grades!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

New Blog Launch Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce my new blog design by Blogs Fit for a Queen! Courtney and Shanon were such a pleasure to work with. They were patient through my indecisive personality, and worked until I absolutely loved it! If you are in need of a new blog, I highly recommend them!

Because I love my readers so much, I thought I'd give away a $25 gift card to YOUR choice of either Starbucks, Target, or TpT! You can enter every day! Everyone who enters will be emailed an exclusive product made by me once the giveaway has ended.

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you say "hello" in the comments... I'd love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Writing Journal FREEBIE!

This summer writing journal is a perfect end of the year gift for your students, and it encourages them to write throughout the summer! You may choose to print it as is and staple it to make it a packet, or you can shrink it down when printing and glue to a composition/spiral notebook. (Black & white to save your ink!)

2 Cover pages (one for boys, one for girls)
Writing checklist
Summer words to know dictionary
"Things I want to write about"
"Things I want to do over the summer"
4 Different writing papers with picture box and writing checklist 

This is FREE for my TPT followers!
Already a follower? Just check your inbox to find a note from "Third in Hollywood". Want it free? Simply "follow me" and then email me ( and I will send this to you. When you become a follower, you will get an exclusive freebie right in your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox EVERY month!! 

Click the picture below to head to my store!

Monday, May 11, 2015

8 Fun, Simple, & Inexpensive Science Experiments!

My students reached a ticket goal for PBIS. To celebrate their positive behavior, we do an open vote on ideas they have for a party. The ideas range from a pancake party, pajama day, extra recess, etc. This time the students voted on a Science Fun Day! I knew it would be a ton of fun, especially because they were celebrating WHILE learning! I also knew I had to get my butt in gear to get these science experiments ready!

My requirements in order to make this fun day happen so that I wasn't an evil grouch, I had to make sure the experiments were:
1. Simple to set up
2. Inexpensive & Few materials to buy (only spent $11 at the dollar store-- most items are things you already have!)
3. Easy for the students to do
4. Wouldn't create a HUGE mess (some mess is ok!)

So with that... I gather 8 different science experiments/activities and I cancelled the entire afternoon and decided we would take as much time as we need to do our science fun. Time for some SCIENCE!!

I did each experiment as a station. I invited two parents to help me with our experiments, but when I do it again, I would definitely have a parent on every station. It was manageable, but not preferred. You could also do one experiment per day if you choose. Please note: Even though my science experiment pack includes silly putty, we did not do that experiment due to a lack of time.

My students were so beyond thrilled to have an afternoon FULL of hands-on science! You can check out the pack by clicking HERE or on the picture below.

Each experiment comes with simple & easy to follow
directions and material list.
For each experiment, students have a recording sheet!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Teaching... it can be the most under-appreciated job there is. Many times parents drop off their children and pick them up without ever saying "thank you for all you do for my child." To think that we share the responsibility of taking care of their child's entire well-being for the same amount that the parents do is really astounding! We aren't just a teacher... we are a counselor, a parent, a friend, a nurse, a disciplinarian, a role model... and the list goes on. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars we spend out of our own money to bring the kids snack, buy kleenex, candy for the treat bin, materials for lessons, and so much more! Despite the hard days where we feel like all the little and big things we do go unnoticed, we are making a difference. It is a job where we need to constantly remember everything we do matters. At the end of it all, it is the kids that we are doing it for. The bundle of dandelions brought to you after recess, the hundreds of drawings that are taped crooked on your filing cabinet, the gazillion coffee mugs and hand lotions stacked high at Christmas, the long stories about their weekends including every {unimportant} detail, the sweet and loving hugs (from old and current students and even students you've never met before).... That is what makes it all worth it! 

So thank you, teachers, for all you do! 

Enjoy 20% off plus an extra 10% at my store today (5/5) and tomorrow (5/6). 
Don't forget to use code "ThankYou" at checkout for the additional 10%! 

The best part of the timing of the sale is you can snag great items to help you finish out the school year, as well as stock up for next year! 

Here are some of my favorite end of the year goodies:
(Just click on the picture to be taken to the product in my store!) 

Bubble Gum Fun!
Candy Awards (Editable!)
Letter to Next Year's Teacher

Letter to Next Year's Students
2nd Grade End of the Year Quick Math Assessments
Save money with End of the Year Bundle

8 Fun Science Experiments (Can't wait to do this this week!!)
FREEBIE Bucket List

Need some fun ways to say "thank you" to volunteers, parents, staff? 
Volunteer/Staff/Parent Thank you cards to attach to candy/treat!
FREEBIE Popcorn Thank you Cards
I have TONS more, including Father's Day activities, more student certificates, memory books, etc.
Check out all of my end of the year products by clicking HERE!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Happy Shopping! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

$100 Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!!!

Us folk at iTeach Second have teamed up to bring YOU $100 worth of amazing gift cards out of appreciation for doing what you do! 

Here is what I would buy with each of these amazing gift cards! 

Gosh, what CAN'T you buy there!? It's hard NOT to spend $100 every time I step foot in there. Well, I probably would head to the dollar spot and buy little craft items. Next, I would go over to the workout section and check out the clearance clothes there. (They have the best clearance!)
Target Workout Clothes

Umm... definitely Americanos... Yes! The best!

Just like Target, what CAN'T you get on Amazon? Lucky for me, I have Amazon Prime membership, so free shipping is an added bonus! (And another reason I have to resist buying stuff just because!) I personally LOVE buying Quest protein bars on Amazon! Have you tried Quest bars?
Check them out here!

Teachers Pay Teachers
Wow! That would be a really hard decision! I personally have a slight obsession with clipart! So, I would probably stock up on some cute clip art with my $25 gift card! My favorite stores are Melonheadz and Graphics From the Pond!

Well, now that I showed you what I'd buy, I'm curious how you'd spend the gift cards! Please tell in the comments!

To enter is easy... just head on over to iTeach Second to enter through the Rafflecopter! 

Remember... What you do... day in and day out... 
it is appreciated, admired, and noticed! You are changing lives!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reading Skill: Inferencing

My students LOVED learning about inferencing the past two weeks, and the best part is... they TOTALLY mastered the skill. I smiled as I overheard them saying, "I infer that we are going to have indoor recess today because it is raining out." They sure did love looking through my purse to see what they could find. They used those items to infer about me as a person! It was cute to read their responses :) 

They loved learning a reading skill by looking at pictures! 

They loved playing "detective" as they read these case file task cards. It sure was powerful that some of the students in the group didn't infer correctly based on the lack of their prior knowledge regarding that topic. For example, one student had never had s'mores before, so they didn't understand what was going on when they read, "marshmallows, graham crackers, and sticks". It made for good conversation! 

I was so pleased with the success of this mini-unit! 
If you're interested, check it out by clicking on the picture below! 

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